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ENSHPO and INSHPO Sign Memorandum of Understanding

Mississauga (May 21, 2024) -  The International Network of Safety and Health Professional Organisations (INSHPO), and the European Network of Safety and Health Professional Organisations (ENSHPO) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in order to further collaboration between the two organisations. As part of the MOU both organisations will endeavour to cooperate, wherever possible, on any issues relevant to OSH at a global level. To review the MOU in detail, click ENSHPO_INSHPO_MOU_MAY2024.pdf.

Singapore Accord

INSHPO launched the OHS Capability Framework at its Singapore Accord signing ceremony at the World Safety Congress 2017. Signers of the Accord commit to the improvement of OHS practitioner and professional capabilities. For more information on how to sign, please visit the Accord website here.


September 5, 2024 - 7:00 am Eastern Time North America
Communicate your Way from Compliance to Care
Speaker: Karen Hewitt  Karen J Hewitt_Biography.pdf

With the global shift in focus from health and safety to wellbeing, organisations worldwide are looking to make their own shift from Compliance to Care.  Both are essential, but making Care a priority makes your Compliance more likely to happen, in a virtuous circle that benefits all parts of the organisation.

But with a Culture of Care seemingly so intangible and elusive, where do we start?

One option is through effective communication.  

It’s no substitute for the structural changes required but may well be the lever that creates the space and ownership that employees and their organisations need to change, allowing them to take a deeper dive into (and a more systemic approach to) what human beings really need to thrive at work. 

Join Karen J. Hewitt of Leaderlike Limited for some practical ideas and inspiration on the vital role of Communication in a Culture of Care, and how viewing Care through this lens could unlock potential you hadn’t previously considered

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Future Webinar Dates

December 2, 2024 - 12:00 pm Eastern Time North America
Coaching vs. Mentoring [what is the difference]
Speaker: Brenton Harrison, INSHPO Intern, NZISM Member

Past Webinars

June 26, 2024 - 9:00 am Eastern Time North America
Connecting Health, Safety and Wellbeing in the Digital Age
Speaker: Susana Romero, Board Member of AEPSAL  INSHPO_SusanaRomero_Bio.pdf

Digitalization can lead to significant innovation, increased productivity, and greater flexibility. Digital technologies are making substantial inroads into occupational safety, enhancing processes and improving overall workforce safety. However, the rise in digitalization within the workplace has introduced new challenges. Unforeseen risks are emerging, requiring new strategies and solutions.

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